Sermons by Pastor Brad

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We need to put our trust in Jesus. Jesus will quench your thirst. Rivers of living water will flow from your heart. You will be filled with His Spirit.
Some just want to see signs from God. Some just want to make demands on God. Some just want to grumble against God. Some just want to argue. Some will choose to be offended by what Jesus said. But Jesus is the only One who has words of life.
We need to Tell of: His grace and mercy. His presence and power. His comfort and guidance. His faithfulness and goodness. His provision and protection. We need to Get the Word Out
Jesus knows our weaknesses. We don’t have to be afraid even when things look scary. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus. We need to make sure we are in the boat with Jesus. Jesus knows our motivations. We need to strive after spiritual nourishment. We simply need to believe in Jesus.
We need to be ready for spiritual pop quizzes. God already has the solutions to our problems. God’s economy is bigger than ours. God can handle all our difficult circumstances.
We know that Jesus is the Son of God because: Jesus fulfilled the will of His Father. John the Baptist’s Testimony is true. All His works were miraculous. The entire Bible points to Jesus.
Jesus is one with the Father. We need to believe Jesus’ Word. Jesus is the resurrection and the life.
All of us are susceptible to disease, sickness, and death. Jesus is our Great Physician. We need to faithfully follow after Jesus.
We need to be ready: for God’s divine appointments to be all things to all people to offer Living Water to thirsty souls to find ways to touch the hearts and lives of others to help others to worship God in spirit and truth to show others who Jesus is to do what God has called us to do.
We need to spend time with our Savior. We need to help people identify with Christ. We need to serve God while there is still time. We need to avoid petty disputes. We need to avoid ministry competition. We need to point people to Christ.
Jesus knows what you’re all about. Have you been born again? Have you received Jesus’ testimony about who He is? Have you placed your faith and trust in Jesus?
It’s important that we spend time with Jesus. It’s essential that we remember all that He has done for us. It’s imperative that we radically remove anything that is keeping us from worshipping God. People will respond to our devotion to God in different ways: Some will challenge our motives. Some will misunderstand our words. But others will remember and believe.
All of us have “run out of wine” from time to time. We have all tried to fill our own cup. Jesus is the One who can fill our cup. He is always at work behind the scenes helping and sustaining us. He knows precisely what we need. He will bring us life. He gives us everything we need to believe in Him.
We need to follow after Jesus. Longing for His presence in our lives. Aggressively pursuing Him. Actively abiding in Him. We need to take others with us to Jesus. Finding others. Bringing others. Inviting others. We need to put our faith in Jesus. He knows your heart. He knew you before the foundation of the world. He will show you amazing things.
We need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. Ready to answer boldly, humbly, and honestly. Ready to answer scripturally. Ready to answer with great confidence. We need to point people to Jesus. His has taken our place. He has removed our sin. He is the One we’ve been waiting for. He is of Divine origin. The Spirit of God rests upon Him. He is the very Son of God.
Becoming a Child of God
The Word existed before the beginning. The Word was with God and the Word was God. We can know the Word personally. He is the Creator of all things. He is life to us. He is the light that overpowers the darkness.
By God’s grace we really can walk with God ​in all things. We really can live with a passionate​ desire to forgive and restore others. As we humbly live​ out the Good News of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, ​we can know that God will surely take care of us.
So how can we live a life of worship no matter what? We can start by offering genuine heartfelt sacrifices to our one true God. We can listen to His voice by making ourselves even more available to His call, by trusting in His promises and by following His guidance. We can humbly walk in His blessing knowing that He will bless us with His deliverance, His guidance, His grace and His presence. We need to live a life of worship.
To demonstrate the love of Christ, we can suspend our judgment of others. We can put away our contentious spirit as we quit living behind our façade. We can rest in God’s sovereignty as we offer our lives in exchange for others. Ultimately, we can truly receive others through extending to them heart-felt forgiveness.
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