Sermons by Pastor Brad Belcher

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God has seen your affliction and He has heard your cry for help. You need to be attached to the LORD through expressing all of your praise to Him. God will contend for you and vindicate you as you find all that you Need in Christ. In His time, He will reward you with His blessing, joy, honor and justice. God has not forgotten you.
Sometimes things become so difficult that we just want to give up. But we need to faithfully continue our journey with God. He will guide us and bless us as we put our trust in Him and keep following Him. God’s ultimate purpose is to grow and mature us for His glory.
Our sin and rebellion against God will always bring separation and conflict. Sin always involves ongoing manipulation and deception. More sin and rebellion will never bring peace. However, in the midst of rebellion and sin we can continue to be a blessing to others no matter what. Ultimately, we need to climb Jacob’s ladder: By walking in obedience. By following after Jesus. By listening to God’s voice. By recognizing God’s active presence in our lives. ​And By committing our way to God. ​
There will always be people and situations that let us down. However, we need to handle disappointments God’s way. With God’s help we can turn away from our selfish intentions and bitterness while doing all we can to trust in God’s provision and sovereign plan.
As Christ followers we should do all we can to protect our integrity in all of our relationships ultimately finding our integrity in Christ. Jesus is the truth. Jesus is full of truth. We need to listen to His voice of truth. Truth is ultimately realized in Jesus.
God will always direct our paths as we walk with Him​ in integrity, peace, submission and love. As we ​depend on Him we can find the stability and​ security we are longing for in our lives.
We can leave a Godly legacy: ​ By being prepared to die.​ By striving to raise an uncontentious family.​ By living a life of prayer.​ By not playing favorites.​ By not taking advantage of other people.​
There are many churches that have become ineffective in their ministry as they have lost their vision and mission. But the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. The main thing by God’s grace is to make disciples who make disciples for the glory of God. Our Mission is to make disciples. Our Motive is love. God’s chosen Method of disciplemaking is through the church. It’s time to get into the game.
We need to do all we can to help our children find a godly spouse. We can help our children look for Christ-like character qualities in a future mate. As parents we can honor God as we raise our children, ​doing all we can to help them prepare ​for what God has for them. ​
​God will surely test our faith from time to time. But He alone is worthy of our worship as He is the provider of all that we need. We need to make ourselves available to His loving work in our lives, laying everything on the altar as we eagerly comply with His call on our lives.
We don’t need to fear our circumstances, our future or other people. Rather, we need to fear God and God alone with a reverential awe. His love and compassion for us will dispel our fears. We can know with certainty that He will hear our cries, lift us up, and open our eyes to see​ Him for all that He is to us.​
There are so many around us who just don’t realize what is at stake for them with regard to the moral decisions that they are making apart from God. How we respond to God is a matter of life and death. As God is in the process of saving us from the destructive power of sin through our faith in Christ, we need to do all that we can to help others know that He is our rescue.
God is in the process of revealing Himself to us. He has chosen us for His divine purposes and reassured us with His promises. But there are those around us who are in grave danger of facing eternal consequences from a Holy and just God. We need to earnestly pray for those who are in harm’s way.
God has committed Himself to us through Christ. Jesus demonstrated His commitment to us through laying down His life for us so that we may live. He is now calling us into a holy commitment to Him where He is purposing to adopt us, bless us, multiply us and make us a new creation. ​In light of His commitment to us, how should we ​demonstrate our commitment to Him?
All of us are seduced by moral compromise when we don’t trust God for our deliverance. But we desperately need to count the cost of our catastrophic moral failures as a people. For us to find our way through all of this we need to do all we can to rest on God’s promises while seeking to abide in His presence no matter what.
Where there is doubt there is skepticism, weakness and hesitation. But in His presence, there is truth, comfort, protection and reward. By God’s grace we are justified before God through our belief. We can believe God because He has demonstrated His commitment ​to us in no uncertain terms.
All of us have loved ones who are being held hostage by evil forces. We need to develop and implement strategies to rescue our loved ones. By God’s grace we do have someone who is willing to intercede on our behalf in the midst of our battles. He will meet us right where we are. He is the ultimate source of our blessing and victory in life. He is worthy of our devotion, submission and dependence as we endeavor to be all things to all people that ​some may be saved.
Conflicts can arise over almost anything. But by God’s grace, we can overcome conflict by passionately pursuing peace with others, by turning away from being impulsive and selfish people, by seeking God’s honor through the pursuit of peace and by faithfully walking with God.​
Even as God uses sovereign circumstances to guide us in new directions we can still trust God with what is true. We don’t need to speculate about our future or manipulate our circumstances. Unfortunately, when we don’t trust God with the truth we end up risking everything. When we misrepresent the truth we put our families, our resources, our relationships, our future, and our testimony at risk. Instead, we need to do all we can to faithfully call on the name of the LORD with integrity knowing that ​all we have is from Him.​
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