It’s important that we spend time with Jesus. It’s essential that we remember all that He has done for us. It’s imperative that we radically remove anything that is keeping us from worshipping God. People will respond to our devotion to God in different ways: Some will challenge our motives. Some will misunderstand our words. But others will remember and believe.
We need to follow after Jesus. Longing for His presence in our lives. Aggressively pursuing Him. Actively abiding in Him. We need to take others with us to Jesus. Finding others. Bringing others. Inviting others. We need to put our faith in Jesus. He knows your heart. He knew you before the foundation of the world. He will show you amazing things.
We need to be ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us. Ready to answer boldly, humbly, and honestly. Ready to answer scripturally. Ready to answer with great confidence. We need to point people to Jesus. His has taken our place. He has removed our sin. He is the One we’ve been waiting for. He is of Divine origin. The Spirit of God rests upon Him. He is the very Son of God.