We don’t need to fear our circumstances, our future or other people. Rather, we need to fear God and God alone with a reverential awe. His love and compassion for us will dispel our fears. We can know with certainty that He will hear our cries, lift us up, and open our eyes to see​ Him for all that He is to us.​
There are so many around us who just don’t realize what is at stake for them with regard to the moral decisions that they are making apart from God. How we respond to God is a matter of life and death. As God is in the process of saving us from the destructive power of sin through our faith in Christ, we need to do all that we can to help others know that He is our rescue.
God has committed Himself to us through Christ. Jesus demonstrated His commitment to us through laying down His life for us so that we may live. He is now calling us into a holy commitment to Him where He is purposing to adopt us, bless us, multiply us and make us a new creation. ​In light of His commitment to us, how should we ​demonstrate our commitment to Him?
All of us are seduced by moral compromise when we don’t trust God for our deliverance. But we desperately need to count the cost of our catastrophic moral failures as a people. For us to find our way through all of this we need to do all we can to rest on God’s promises while seeking to abide in His presence no matter what.