God has seen your affliction and He has heard your cry for help. You need to be attached to the LORD through expressing all of your praise to Him. God will contend for you and vindicate you as you find all that you Need in Christ. In His time, He will reward you with His blessing, joy, honor and justice. God has not forgotten you.
Our sin and rebellion against God will always bring separation and conflict. Sin always involves ongoing manipulation and deception. More sin and rebellion will never bring peace. However, in the midst of rebellion and sin we can continue to be a blessing to others no matter what. Ultimately, we need to climb Jacob’s ladder: By walking in obedience. By following after Jesus. By listening to God’s voice. By recognizing God’s active presence in our lives. ​And By committing our way to God. ​
We don’t need to fear our circumstances, our future or other people. Rather, we need to fear God and God alone with a reverential awe. His love and compassion for us will dispel our fears. We can know with certainty that He will hear our cries, lift us up, and open our eyes to see​ Him for all that He is to us.​